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3 Best Thai Ganja Strains

thai ganja strains

3 Best Thai Ganja Strains Thai ganja strains have always been very desirable. In fact, before we saw super-strong hybrid cannabis strains with high THC content, Thai weed was some of the strongest cannabis in the world. Landraces hold such a special place in the heart of the cannabis connoisseur. They are God’s original cannabis […]

10 Best Hashish Varieties

top 10 best hashish in the world

10 Best Hashish Varieties Hashish is the original cannabis extract way before dabs and THC wax was a thing. In fact, if you smoked cannabis in the 1970s and 1980s, the strongest cannabis was hash. The best hashish varieties were super-strong, and still are. The weed back in the day was nowhere near the level […]