mary Jane

About Mary Jane Nana

Mary Jane Bangkok has an exciting fusion of experienced, passionate staff and high-grade cannabis flowers as well as edibles, smoking accessories, eye-catching t-shirts, hats, trays, grinders and other items.  What makes Mary Jane unique is it offers an expertly curated range of products, all of which come with full certification of analysis.

The new store also offers Thai Traditional Medicine products and has a Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor on staff. 

Mary Jane Bangkok is conveniently located on lower Sukhumvit near the soi 4, Nana intersection – just a few minutes walk from the Nana BTS station. 

Mary Jane  stocks a wide variety of Thai traditional medicine products, such as smokable herbs like lavender, blue lotus, chamomile, orange and cannabis. The team   has also produced a Sense Siam package containing five different herbal smoking ingredients, including pure cannabis trichomes known as Kief.

Mary Jane is  part of OG Canna company, a team of experienced enthusiasts from the cannabis industry in Thailand.

Ben Baskins, a founder of OG Canna Company, who is spearheading the operation stated that “the opening of Mary Jane is part of a well-planned roll out of multiple retail outlets for the company across Thailand in the coming months”

With the opening of Mary Jane Bangkok, residents and travelers alike have access to a variety of modern and traditional healing. All of Mary Jane’s offerings of TTM have been adapted, licensed and approved for medicinal use utilizing modern evaluative systems. The new locations offers various traditional healthcare products that can address multiple health concerns.

“Today, Mary Jane is focused on educating its customers on the primary use of herbs and diet to promote health,” Baskins said. “And a doctor of Thai Traditional Medicine is available in-house to consult with customers on various health issues. They can prescribe various herbal remedies to alleviate many common ailments.

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