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3 Best Thai Ganja Strains

thai ganja strains

Thai ganja strains have always been very desirable. In fact, before we saw super-strong hybrid cannabis strains with high THC content, Thai weed was some of the strongest cannabis in the world. Landraces hold such a special place in the heart of the cannabis connoisseur. They are God’s original cannabis strains before scientists and expert weed growers started tinkering with the genetics.


If you are a cannabis smoker who visited Thailand pre-weed legalization, Thai ganja strains were the only types you could buy and smoke. But I am not complaining because when you get a good Thai weed, it’s a fantastic smoke and a really cool and creative fun high. It usually comes in the form of a compressed brick. But for those who don’t know, there are a few different types of Thai weed. Let’s find out together…


Do You Remember Chocolate Thai?

I’m personally from the UK. So back in the early 1990s, we used to get compressed brick-style weed that looks like Thai weed. However, these strains were from Jamaica, but they did look and smell very similar to Thai cannabis. This type of cannabis was known as “Yard” weed because ‘yard’ is a slang term used by the Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK. It’s also why Jamaican gangsters are sometimes referred to as a “Yardie”.


Alternatively, if you grew up during that same time period on the East Coast of the USA, your weed of choice might have been chocolate Thai. Many Americans now in their 40s and 50s reminisce about chocolate Thai. If your formative cannabis smoking days are on the West Coast of America in the 1970s, you probably remember Thai Stick. This is easily one of the most famous Thai ganja strains that were one of the strongest on the planet at that time.


Thai weed has been a seminal part of the lives of many older stoners. It’s great to think back to a simpler time before the hundreds of hybrid types we find today. Sometimes less is more, and the more choice you have is not always a positive thing.


Are Thai Ganja Strains Indica or Sativa?

The vast majority of Thai cannabis strains are Sativa. In fact, most of the landraces in the world are Sativa aside from the Afghanistan types that are generally Indica. If you do not understand cannabis types, there are generally three: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. But to be fair, you don’t get high from smoking ruderalis. The main types of cannabis you are smoking are either Indica or Sativa varieties.


In the modern cannabis growing world, expert growers merged and bred together the best Indica and Sativa landrace strains. We call these hybrid strains and they make up over 90% of all the cannabis we smoke today. They bred the two types to forge stronger strains. They might have taken a potent Indica landrace strain with not much yield and bred it with a Sativa strain that has a massive yield and you end up with the best of both worlds.


The effects of Sativa strains largely revolve around creativity and euphoric relaxation. This is why the best Thai ganja strains are excellent for those who want to smoke while getting things done.


Best Thai Ganja Strains

Now you know a bit more about the difference between landraces and hybrid strains, it’s time to identify some of the best Thai ganja strains. As you already know, these are all Sativa strains that you can still buy in Thailand today. For sure, now cannabis is legal in Thailand, we get access to all of the strongest hybrid strains. But string cannabis with high THC levels doesn’t make it the best smoke.


Here are 3 famous Thai cannabis strains that you might have tried before.


– Thai Stick

It’s the stuff that’s tied to a stick. If you have seen the “Up in Smoke” movie by Cheech and Chong, you’ll immediately get the reference. If not, just go and bloody watch it right now! Thai sticks used to be compressed buds of strong Thai cannabis tied to bamboo sticks. This is the strain that used to be referred to as Chocolate Thai because of its dark brown appearance.


Even to this day, it’s still revered for its potency and taste. But the truth is that you do not find it very often. Only recently since the legalization of cannabis in Thailand did I have access to Thai stick. It’s absolutely beautiful.


– Squirrel Tail / Green Crack

If you ever bought Thai cannabis and it was in bud form as opposed to a compressed brick, it was probably the Thai Squirrel Tail variety. It’s also been rebranded in recent years as “Green Crack” because of its heady high. If you look at the buds, they look like a fanned-out tail of a squirrel, which is how the name was coined. It’s one of the best Thai ganja strains, even though it’s not as strong as Thai Stick.


– KD Thai Strain

Although this is the least mentioned, this is probably the most common Thai weed smoked by locals and ex-pats in Thailand. The KD Thai strain is also known as Koh Tao weed because it originated from Koh Tao Island. It’s another pure Sativa landrace strain that is known more for its pungent and piney aromas and bright green appearance. I always find this to be the freshest Thai ganja of all and one of my favorites.


How Much Does Thai Weed Cost in 2023?

Thai ganja strains are very inexpensive. At this moment in time, I can buy 50 grams of Thai stick for around 750 THB. It’s definitely the most expensive Thai weed, but even at that price, it’s criminally affordable. You can buy 100 grams of Squirrel Tail for around 700 THB, which makes it such a steal. Alternatively, KD Thai is also quite cheap at 300 THB for 50 grams.


Before the legalization of cannabis in Thailand, the prices of these local Thai ganja strains and landraces were three or four times more. The middle man has now been cut out of eh equation and Thai weed is cheaper than ever before. It’s a fantastic time to be a ganja smoker in Thailand.


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