Questions and Answers

No sorry, our delivery system is unavailable at the moment.

As we do not offer delivery at the moment, customers have to come in store to pick up their products by themselves. This is due to a complication with the law about checking the age restriction. Therefore, we decided that until we find an alternative delivery method, delivery will be unavailable for everyone.

No. It is not permitted to carry or send cannabis to another country you need to be in Thailand and visit the store in person. 

Please add our official Line account for news and promotion of the store (@maryjanethailand). You can also ask the budtenders in store about the current promotions.

No, but around the corner in Soi 4, you can smoke in Nana Plaza.

Yes, we do.

It is dependent upon the promotions and strains in use at the time. For additional information, please see our Line official or get in touch with the budtenders in-store.

A lot of the flowers sell out very quickly, but we only have an average pricing range for the buds (700–1000), so prices may also vary based on availability. For more information about various accessories, please visit the store.

For job postings, kindly add our official Line account. 

Please send us more information using the contact form here

We offer clothing as well as smoking paraphernalia including papers, bongs, and grinders. Additionally, we provide TTM goods like medical delicacies and herbal sets to be combined with kief. Additionally, there are different strengths of CBD oil.

Depends on the strength:
1000mg for 1899 THB
2000mg for 2999 THB
3000mg for 4299 THB

Yes, we sell THC gummies that come in various strength for you to choose from.

Beginner 3 pcs 300.- / 5 pcs 500.-
Intermediate 3 pcs 400.- / 5 pcs 650.-
Advanced 3 pcs 450.- / 5 pcs 750.-