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10 Best Hashish Varieties

top 10 best hashish in the world

Hashish is the original cannabis extract way before dabs and THC wax was a thing. In fact, if you smoked cannabis in the 1970s and 1980s, the strongest cannabis was hash. The best hashish varieties were super-strong, and still are. The weed back in the day was nowhere near the level of potency we find today.


The vast majority of weed in the 1970s had THC content under 10%, which is massively different from today. The best weed in the modern market can be as high as 30% THC although the average weed is now around 22% in THC. Although the best hashish might not hit the highest of modern hybrid flowers, it’s still super-strong and perfectly suits the cannabis connoisseur. Here are the 10 best hashish varieties that you can still get today.


#1 – Afghan Hash

If you are older than dirt like me, the mention of Afghan hash tickles and tantalizes your sense like no other. It was one of the most famous hash types back in the 1970s and 80s and is known for its dark black appearance and pungent flavors.


This type of cannabis is grown at high altitudes in the Afghanistan mountains. Because of the lack of oxygen, the plant secretes lots of resin to protect itself. The locals then process the plant to create one of the strongest cannabis resins in the world.


#2 – Nepalese Temple Ball Hash

Nepalese Temple Ball Hash is exactly like it sounds. It’s one of the best hashish products in the world and is very desirable. It also had a mystical name and if you happened to obtain some, you were in heaven, physically and metaphorically. This is a live hash that is grown in the Nepalese Himalayan mountains and it never filed to know me out.


#3 – Charas (finger hash)

Charas is also known as finger hash. If you ever trimmed or handled budding cannabis plants, the live resin automatically sticks to your fingers. After a long hard day in the cannabis fields, your hands are most probably covered in resin. From this moment, you take a knife and scrape the hash from your fingers and roll it together to make a ball or sticks. Nepalese hash is finger hash, which is also known as live hash because it doesn’t need to be processed.


#4 – Ice Hash

Now we are getting into exciting ground. One of the best hashish products in the world is Ice Hash. This hash is sometimes referred to as Ice-so-Lator and is essentially a bubble hash, which I will delve into later.


It’s also very similar to Kief and is one of the strongest hashish products because it’s pretty much all trichrome taken from a frozen cannabis plant that is shaken. You’ll see it on cannabis menus in Amsterdam, and if you ever get the chance, try it.


#5 – Kief Hash

A lot of the best hashish varieties share similar processes to extract trichrome. In the UK during the 1960s, cannabis started to become a thing. It was routinely smoked by Afro-Caribbean Jazz musicians that began to frequent England at that time. If you went to Oxford or Cambridge Universities in the 1960s, lots of kief hash had started to become a thing.


Kief is essentially a cannabis plant that gets shaken in a certain way. This process sees the plant shed its trichomes, which are then gathered up and sold as a super-strong hash. It looks like a golden brown dust and is extremely strong.


#6 – Dry-Sift Hash

In some way, shape, or form, dry sift hash is similar to kief and is not really hashish when you think about it. It’s loose cannabis dust in many ways. Dry sift hash is produced when you are trimming fresh cannabis plants that have already cured. You can trim the plants on a specially designed table that allows the dust to fall into a compartment below the table.


You essentially then gather up all the dust, which is essentially cannabis crystals like trichomes and you have one of the most desirable hash products.


#7 – Moroccan Hash

This was easily one of the best hashish types that you could find in Western Europe during the 1980s and early 1990s. Moroccan hash is obviously from the North African country as the name suggests. This type of hash is famous for its blonde appearance and because it kicks like a demented mule.


It’s a crying shame that the hash coming out of Morocco doesn’t seem to be of the high quality as before. This was once one of the strongest cannabis types in the world, and if you can find some, make sure you give it a try.


#8 – Bubble Hash

The term ‘bubble hash’ is essentially something to describe a hash-making process that can be performed in a number of ways. You might have seen specially designed bubble hash bags that are used to filter cannabis flowers by extracting them using ice or water. You might have seen people pop these bags in the washing machine.


Depending on the type of bags you use, you can get varying qualities of bubble hash from a single session. Again, the quality of the hash will largely revolve around the quality and strength of the flowers used. So it can be pretty difficult to gauge the quality until you smoke it.


#9 – Cannabis Rosin

Have you ever heard of cannabis rosin before? Not cannabis resin, but some do confuse the two. Rosin is essentially a sticky residue that is extracted from ganja plants by using a heated press. You can buy special press machines that have heated plates and jaws that squeeze the life, and the juice, out of high-THC plants. The rosin is then collected and smoked on a special DAB rig bong.


Rosin is essentially a concentrate that comes directly from the plant and does not go through any kind of process. This makes it one of the cleanest and most potent cannabis extracts you can buy. I am not sure you can call it hashish per se, but it’s more than worth the mention.


#10 – THC Dabs and Distillates

Are THC dabs and cannabis distillates really hash? Not really, but I just had to mention them. They are the modern extracts that culminate in some of the most highly concentrated cannabis products known to civilization. Some might say they are too strong. I really like these products when natural processes are used to create them. I don’t really dig dabs and oils that use BHO processes personally, but each to their own.


How Can I Buy the Best Hashish?

The honest truth is that finding hashish or those who produce it is not that easy in the modern cannabis world. Most people prefer dabs these days instead of hash, and that’s fair enough. It’s a brave new cannabis world out there. The evolving nature of the cannabis extract industry makes it so exciting and new.


However, the best hashish products are timeless and have amazing quality. If you can get some Afghan, Moroccan, or Nepalese hash, I recommend you have a try. It’s the original cannabis extract that was the strongest cannabis in the market when weed wasn’t so strong back in the 1960s and 1970s. For more cannabis news or ganja blogs, please click here.