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Is Cannabis an Aphrodisiac?

Is Cannabis an Aphrodisiac?

A question I routinely get asked is cannabis an aphrodisiac? Aphrodisiacs are classed as foods, plants, herbs, spices, and supplements that are slated to increase sexual desire, sexual attraction, and sexual pleasure, and to enhance the user’s overall sexual experience.

Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac – It is no new kid on the Block!

Aphrodisiacs in one form or another have been used for centuries and one that rates highly for those looking to spark sexual desire while also increasing arousal is cannabis.

As many users will testify, cannabis promotes relaxation. That in itself is a great precursor to pleasurable sex because the more relaxed you are the greater the experience can be. Cannabis can also ease self-consciousness, stress, and anxiety all of which are mental blocks that can hold back a person’s sexual enjoyment.

Cannabinoids like THC stimulate your endocannabinoid system and it is this that plays an important role in regulating the body’s sexual function. Regular cannabis users find that in the right setting that this aphrodisiac is a mood enhancer and has the ability to release endorphins which give a ‘feel good’ factor.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, things can get better. Below should answer your question is cannabis an aphrodisiac. This is because there are numerous ways to use cannabis as an effective aphrodisiac. By harnessing its pleasure-boosting potential you can explore ways that will elevate you and your partner’s sexual activities to the next level.

Setting the Mood

Sex with a partner is an intimate act but it can cause vulnerability for one or both partners. This makes it important to cultivate an atmosphere that promotes a connection. When together, couples should be looking for a sense of ease, openness, and the loosening of inhibitions.

Achieving this connection alone should go some way to increasing sexual enjoyment. Adding cannabis into the mix can take pleasure levels to a new high. Those who are curious as to how cannabis can best be used to enhance their sexual experience have various ways of combining cannabis and sex that shows that maks the question is cannabis an aphrodisiac.

Here are 3 popular methods that should put you and your partner in the mood:

  • Sharing a joint: This is a highly popular and common way to set the sexual mood. Sharing a joint with your partner is one of the easiest ways to do this. Passing a spliff between each other is seen as a fast track to intimacy because it can induce a high in around 10 minutes.
  • Soaking in a bath infused with a cannabis bath bomb: Anyone looking to build up mounting pleasure should soak themselves in a warm bath that has been infused with a cannabis bath bomb. Thanks to a sensual combination of weed, warm water, and the fragrance of your choice this method can increase libido.
  • Using cannabis-infused massage oil: Even without cannabis, many find a massage the perfect way to induce slower, more erotic feelings. Add a massage oil that is cannabis-infused and this pleasure is heightened.

These oils can deliver those feel-good cannabinoids via skin receptors. With a sensual touch during shared massage sessions, this method is sure to promote amorous feelings.


Does Cannabis Enhances Sensory Perception?

It has long been acknowledged that using cannabis can enhance sensory perception. In this sense, many find that colors appear more lucid, favorite and new tunes become more meaningful, and a variety of sensations are heightened.

Thanks to Delta-9 THC contained in cannabis all of these factors can set the scene for increased sexual pleasure. This is because THC works by activating the brain’s reward system and does so by releasing dopamine levels that are higher than those which are usually seen when natural stimuli are used.

It is dopamine that plays a crucial role in a person’s mood, how they experience pleasure, and its ability to enhance arousal before sex. When increased dopamine circulates in the brain it helps move sexual enjoyment up to mind-blowing levels.

Slowly Does it!

Because cannabis as an aphrodisiac is felt to work on multiple levels many users find it increases their libido. This in turn will enhance sexual satisfaction.

To ensure that cannabis works its magic in a variety of ways experimentation is necessary. Users should be looking for strains that contain favorable ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes.

While experienced users will get off on Type I cannabis due to its strength and their ability to go with the powerful hit, this is not recommended for all. Those new to the wonderful world of weed should take things gradually and start with Type II and Type III cannabis.

Through this experimentation, you will find the strains that best suit your personal needs and hit those highly pleasurable sexual pleasure spots.

Don’t Over Indulge!

This point really follows from the last section. While all indications show just how effective cannabis can be as an aphrodisiac there is one word of caution. Be sure not to overindulge!

This is because cannabis is a biphasic compound. That means it can have opposite actions when used at different doses. It is important to get the balance right because taking too much cannabis could result in feeling too drowsy to be aroused or even falling asleep which is a sure passion killer!

When it comes to sexual pleasure and cannabis the bottom line here is that less often means much, much more when asking is Cannabis an aphrodisiac.

Many Believe That Cannabis is a Pleasurable Aphrodisiac

Is cannabis an aphridisiac? A mainstay of cannabis popularity throughout history is its ability to support social interaction. It then follows that sharing a joint, bong, or cookie with a lover can do wonders to promote a sense of connection and increase intimacy for both partners.

When used sensibly and shared between lovers, cannabis has the ability to enhance a partner’s sexual appetite, need, and desire. It is clear to many consenting adults that using cannabis before and during sexual encounters will certainly raise libido and increase sexual satisfaction.

This makes combining cannabis with sex play on a regular basis something that many do and thoroughly enjoy. That should answer the question is Cannabis an aphrodisiac.

If you have not experienced this yet but are keen to do so just remember to take it slowly and use small amounts of cannabis in the way(s) you feel most comfortable with.

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