New Strain Drop at Mary Jane #3

New Strain Drop at Mary Jane Mary Jane dropped  TWO incredible strains this week. We strive to offer our customers the very best cannabis available in Bangkok today.As our regular customers know, we do sell out very quickly and have introduced a live menu (updated throughout the day) that allows customers to check in online and […]

70s Weed Vs 2023… This Is Not Hippie Weed

70s Weed Vs 2023… This Is Not Hippie Weed

70s Weed Vs 2023… This Is Not Hippie Weed I am partial to classic Sativa weed landraces such as Chocolate Thai and other varieties from Columbia, Jamaica, and South and Central America. And if your weed-smoking days were back in the 1960s, 70s, and the majority of the 80s, that was basically all the choices […]

Thai Cannabis Laws

staff at Mary Jane Bangkok

Thai Cannabis Laws Did you know that back in the 1970s, it was common to see someone rolling and smoking a joint of Thai weed at Pratunam Market in Bangkok? Oh, how the times changed when America and its phony war on drugs forcibly interjected themselves into local laws across many countries.  For sure, the […]

CBD And THC…What’s The Difference?

CBD And THC…What’s The Difference? Since the legalisation of Cannabis a couple of months ago, there are two three-letter acronyms that are being thrown around quite a lot. These acronyms are: THC – Short for Tetrahydrocannabinol CBD – Short for Cannabidiol These are words that you may have heard even before the legalisation of Cannabis. […]

Who is Mary Jane?

Who is Mary Jane? Who Is Mary Jane? When I started becoming aware of Cannabis, I was overwhelmed by all the slang words. There seemed to be dozens of them, and it felt like people were making them up on a weekly basis just to mess with me. Nonetheless, I tried my best to keep […]

CBD in Thailand

Mary Jane Bangkok

CBD – And Why We Should Be Talking About It More When most people think of Cannabis, they immediately associate it with: Getting high Rappers Getting high with rappers Being lazy Being completely zoned out And of course; being completely zoned out in a lazy way while getting high with rappers… …I’m joking of course. […]

Mary Jane – The Name Behind The Nickname

Mary Jane – The Name Behind The Nickname Find Out About Famous Mary Jane’s Who Share Their Name With This Wonderful Plant. Nowadays, Mary Jane is synonymous with the Cannabis industry in a very positive way. But many years ago it was actually quite a common name throughout both the US and England. As a […]

Cannabis Facts

With the legalization of medical marijuana upon us, it is important to provide basic information about what Cannabis is, what it does, and why in fact it is now legal.