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Genetics: Phenotype of Pink Plant – Sativa Hybrid

Effect & Flavours: Pink Panther is great for migrains and headaches. It will make you happy and laughing away with your friends. It will also make you crave those munchies. It has a sour citric nose to it and when you inhale the smoke, you can taste the gassy note in it.

Pink Panther นั้นดีมากสำหรับไมเกรน หรืออาการปวดหัว มันจะทำให้คุณมีความสุขและหัวเราะเฮฮาไปกับเพื่อนคุณอย่างแน่นอน คุณจะยังรู้สึกหิวและอยากกินขนมหวานๆ ตัวดอกนั้นมีกลิ่นออกเปรี้ยวคล้ายมะนาวเล็กน้อย เมื่อสูบเข้าไปจะได้รสแก๊สเล็กๆ

Review: What’s shakin’, Hep Cats! Pull up your cruisers and put your peepers on this, because we’re about to dive headfirst into the groovy, technicolor world of cannabis strains, making a pit stop at the star-studded sky of Pink Panther Strain. This sassy little number is like a slick hot rod in the cannabis cosmos, all revved up to take you on a ride that’s as thrilling as a rebel yell on a Saturday night.

Lay your eyes on Pink Panther Strain, and you’ll know you’re in for a visual treat. The buds are like tiny cosmic marvels, coated with a dew of crystalline trichomes that shine like the chrome on a ’57 Chevy under the neon lights. An eye-popping palette of verdant greens, deep purples, and fiery oranges swirls across these nuggets, painting a scene that’s as appealing as a pin-up on a jukebox. This ain’t your daddy-o’s bag of green, this is some next-level threads for your senses.

Slide this celestial beauty closer, and Pink Panther Strain works its aromatic magic. The scent is a hypnotic swirl of a sweet, fruity bouquet twirling with subtle, earthy undertones – a wild tango in an enchanted forest of cosmic delights. It’s as though you’ve walked into a dreamy soda shop from another dimension, the air thick with the sweet promise of pink bubblegum and the earthy allure of a mystical forest. This ain’t jive, cats; it’s a scented serenade to your senses.

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THC: 24.21%

Cannabis Flowers for medical purpose, age 20 and above only. Not for use by pregnant women or while breastfeeding.
กัญชาทางการแพทย์สำหรับผู้ที่มีอายุตั้งแต่ 20 ขึ้นไปเท่านั้น ไม่อนุญาตให้ใช้กับสตรีมีครรภ์ หรือให้สตรีให้นมบุตร